574552_564892683547404_1970788203_nVice-President                                                                                                 2014-2016

  • Responsibilities include oversight of chairs coordinating cultural appreciation events.
  • During VP tenure established and co-found:
    • A series of workshops that allowed attendants to investigate the role of arts in activism in social justice movements.
    • A student-facilitated discussion series that gives biomedical graduate students a forum to talk about the various impacts of their identities on their perspectives and daily interactions.
    • “Reading the Rainbow” a journal club invested in discussing primary research on and influencing multiculturalism in academia.


Community Outreach Chair                                                                         2014-2016

  • Part of administrative leadership team that plans bi-annual course and workshop enrichment weekends to over 2,000 middle and high school students.
  • As chair of community outreach I help ensure that the program is made accessible to students from first-gen/low-income and underrepresented backgrounds by establishing and coordinating partnerships with existing programs and schools around the San Francisco Bay Area that cater to underprivileged communities.


Panelist                                                                                                             2014-2015

  • Regular panelist in student-run outreach workshops discussing and promoting safe environments for LGBTQ identified trainees in labs as well as on sessions investigating the intersection of socioeconomic class and LGBTQ identities.

10409550_10152691546407808_2271826315448339070_nFrosh Scholars Program

Mentor                                                                                                              2013-2015

  • Participant in in mentoring initiative Stanford to provide awareness, mentorship and support to individuals self-identified as Latino.
  • Mentored three Stanford undergraduate freshman majoring in product design and biology. We held monthly meetings during which provided academic advice and actively monitored his transition into Stanford University.

11018723_450638948416638_7137400308905281607_nFirst Gen, Low-Income Mentoring Initiative

Mentor                                                                                                              2013-2015

  • Participant in inaugural initiative at Stanford to provide awareness, mentorship and support to individuals self-identified as first generation college students or from a low-income household.
  • Mentored three Stanford undergraduate freshmen pursuing studies in symbolic systems. We held quarterly meetings where I connected my mentees, interested in pursuing graduate research in computational neuroscience, with relevant academic and network resources.