Society for Neuroscience                                                           Washington D.C. 2017

Nanosymposium Chair– Hormonal And Neuropeptide Control Of Physiology And Behavior

  • Assembled speakers: Dr. Milo Rokic, Constantina Theofanopoulou, Dr. Alexa Veenema, Dr. Iona Carcea, Dr. Caroline Wee, Dr. Sarah Freeman, Dr. Olga Dal Monte, Jesus Madrid, Dr. Yaoguang Jiang, and Dr. XiaoLe Ma.

American Society of Primatologists                                                   Chicago, IL 2016

Symposium Organizer– The Social Juvenile, The Ontogeny Of Primate Social Skills And Relationships

  • Assembled speakers: Iulia Badescu, Lauren Wooddell, Aaryn Mustoe, Kristin Sabbi, Drew Enigk, Dr. Amy Schreier, Dr. Lynn Fairbanks, Dr. Kai McCormack, Dr. Tara Mandalaywala, Dr. Lisa Parr, Dr. Tamara Weinstein, Dr. Stephanie Meredith, and Dr. Stephen Suomi.

Stanford University                                                                                    2014-present

Neuroscience Program Student Representative

  • Elected for administrative role of student speaker.
  • Duties include directing and assembling weekly graduate student journal clubs as well as quarterly invite speakers as part of an NIH training grant professional development series exposing peers to career perspectives and presentation skills.
  • Serve as a student representative on meetings concerning changes to the graduate student program.

Stanford University                                                                                         2015-2016

Graduate Student Rep on the Task Force on Diversity and Societal Citizenship

  • Appointed to task force assembled the Dean of Stanford’s School of Medicine and charged with assessing current campus environment on diversity.
  • Committee proposed initiatives to better recruit, retain and improve diversity on campus at graduate and faculty levels.

Stanford University                                                                                         2015-2017

Admissions Officer for Stanford Summer Research Program

  • Served as admissions officer for the Amgen-funded undergraduate summer research program hosted at Stanford University.
  • Responsible for the reviewing and identification of qualified undergraduate students who would benefit from participation in the intensive summer research program aimed at recruitment of underrepresented minorities in STEM research.

Stanford University                                                                                         2014-2015

Graduate Scholar-in-Residence at El Centro Chicano y Latino

  • Was selected as one of six interdisciplinary graduate students programmatically involved at Stanford’s Latino/a cultural center.
  • As a scholar-in-residence we are expected to have a year-round continued academic presence and involvement in the center and are in charge of constructing opportunities to serve as mentors and role models to Stanford undergraduates.